A New Year of Zines in 2016

As I posted late in December on our facebook page, this year has been a wonderful mess! Indeed 2015 has proved to be the necessary stepping stone in the direction we would like AZT to take. More workshop series, re-launch of our upcycled community project and update our distro stock for starters – we still have a lot of work to do!

I would like to again mention that we’ve met some pretty amazing people at workshops and zine fairs across Australia (FOTP & ZICS the highlights per usual) THANK YOU to all of you that have been involved in our events and projects in any way – we appreciate your enthusiasm and support!

While we are still in a period of transition we can confirm we will be running zine workshops during the first week of the school holidays through Yarra City Libraries (check fb events) and have plans for more local involvement this upcoming International Zine Month (aka July).

I am optimistic and excited to think about the possibilities that 2016 may hold for us zine-wise, I hope you feel the same way too.

Tasha (& the growing AZT team x)

2 thoughts on “A New Year of Zines in 2016

    1. Hi Malcolm – we certainly do! I would love the opportunity to work out a zine making program that suits the curriculum you have in mind. Please contact me via email: azinething@gmail.com or via ph: 0425 742 505 to discuss further. Cheers, Tasha.


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