Latest Zine Adventures

Tomorrow is the 1st of September (Springtime already? How did that happen?!) so I thought it’s high time I wrote a brief recap on the events I have attended recently before the next school holidays creep up and engulf me and I forget everything!

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Words In Winter

It was a crisp winter atmosphere on the evening I arrived in Daylesford for the Words in Winter Festival. I was looking forward to breathing in the country air and sharing a relaxed weekend away with my family.

That night I attended the screening of Polyfaces at the volunteer run Daylesford Cinema. The conversation between local food activists Tammi Jonas & Richard Cornish was particularly engaging. It allowed me to connect with the ideas behind the theme of this years festival “Food For Thought” showcasing an evident collective passion shared by many of the local community that are concerned about sustainable, informed, better choices regarding ethical farming and the food production industry.

On Saturday morning, Hepburn Community Radio kindly invited me along to talk a little about zines and promote the workshop I was running that afternoon in conjunction with the festival. The zine workshop was wonderfully received by the community. In a few short hours 8 new zines were produced in The Paddock and I was even asked to pose for a photo  with a particularly enthusiastic creative participant (Thanks Jess, good luck with your novel!) Unprecedented moments of connectivity like this are particularly special and topped off what was overall a wonderful weekend.


Zine & Indie Comic Symposium 2016

This was my 4th time flying up to Brisbane for ZICS. Affectionately dubbed 20ZICSteen, this years event was again held over 3 days, Aug 19-22, kicking of with a Pub Scrawl (drink and draw pub crawl) on the Friday night before the much anticipated weekend celebrating the often underappreciated medium that is indie comics and zines.

The weekend comprised of a 2 day Zine Fair (I tabled alongside Matt Boy In A Box Productions and Laura Bloomurder) various Discussion Panels and Workshops and even the unveiling of the annual Golden Stapler Awards! Once again an abundant turnout of eclectic creatives took over The Edge in a glorious display of solidarity and respect for independent press, uncensored expression and general awesome comradeship.

Although I spent only 36hrs in Brisbane, I still managed to enjoy some time catching up with local and other regular traveling zinesters which is something that has become as much an essential part of our annual ZICS pilgrimage as is the well received relaxed approach and positive vibes of the resident creative community that we come to fondly affiliate with our time spent up north. Long live ZICS!


I often lose myself in the forward planning madness for upcoming workshops and events. This means I can become distracted by the next thing on the calendar before processing what/where I have just been. I am planning to write more regularly in hopes it becomes a habit and a way to reflect on all these amazing adventures zines take me on. I love that zine workshops/events can occupy this much of my time – I don’t want to forget these experiences!

It is a wonderful thing, to have so many opportunities to educate, discuss and share zines and knowledge on diy publishing with younger people – I honestly can’t think of anything I would rather do with my time.

I’ll be looking toward the end of this year to schedule more making sessions soon, so stay tuned for more information on upcoming zine things.

Tasha  x

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