FOTP 2021

This year Sticky Institute has moved The Festival of the Photocopier to an online platform & it launched today!

“Due to the restrictions in Melbourne over the last 12 months (but not wanting to give up the good times), we’ve decided to run Festival of the Photocopier online in February, 2021!

We know it’s not the same as being in a space filled with 300 to 500 people but we still want to be able to see all the zines created by our community over the last 12 months – we thought a website would be the best way to do that.”

via Sticky

While in-person talks and workshops and zine fairs aren’t feasible under current circumstances, it is wonderful that Sticky and their passionate volunteers have created this virtual space for zines and connect our community in these difficult times. Thanks legends. Tasha x

Poster art by the brilliant dangerlam

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