Typewriter tape – in stock!

Typewriters! I recognise that not all of you will have access to a manual typewriter. You don’t need one in order to create amazing zines, but they have definitely become a popularised tool of low-fi zines makers.

I have had the enormous luck of being gifted one from a friend that struck lucky at a tip shop, a family member also found one on a construction site mid-demolition (?!) and I have had the privilege of purchasing a couple and even gifting a few over the years too.

My first typewriter, salvaged from a tip shop and gifted to me ❤

Some of you may not even enjoy the rickety staccato aesthetic of typing on a manual typewriter? – but if you do, then I have universal typewriter ribbon spools for you!

They are Black/Red split which is cool for those angry backspaced ‘X’s or fancy headings, or if your project calls for red type just cos, ya know?


I’m selling them for $5AU +postage. If your ribbon is fading or faded and you’d like a new spool or two shoot me an email, azinething@gmail.com, and I will work out postage costs for you.

Zine on however you zine zinesters x

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